Selection and Hiring Solutions

Benchmarking Jobs

These reports are designed to benchmark a job or position requirements for success. It is a method used to eliminate or reduce the use of biases in the workplace. EEOC rules state that job related benchmarks are perferred over any subjective standard. If consistency in execution of job benchmarks are used within an organization, then it supports the EEOC policies and standards. This step is highly recommended in the selection and placement processes used in HR.

The Job Benchmarking Process

1. Identify the job to be benchmarked
2. Identify Subject Matter Experts
3. Identify Key Accountabilities
4. Prioritize and weigh Key Accountabilities
5. Respond to job assessment individually
6. Create a Multiple Respondent report to combine results
7. Compare the personal talent to the job benchmark
8. Discuss the results and implementation strategy

Below are several types of job benchmarks:

Behavioral - Work Environment
Behavioral - Workplace Behaviors
Motivators - Workplace Motivators
Competencies - DNA Job sample report
TriMetrix Job - looks at Behavior, Motivators and Personal Talent Skills in one report
PerformanceDNA - looks at Behavior, Motivators and Competencies in one report


Job Comparison Reports

These reports allow for the combining of job benchmark and a talent report to be compared as to the degree of job matching with the talent. Several options are provided from very basic to the more complex for higher level positions. The TriMetrix reports combine Behavior, Motivators and Personal Talent Skills into one report. The PerformanceDNA reports combine the Behavior, Motivators and Competencies into one report. The GAP Analysis reports show zones for acceptable performance to non-acceptable zone levels - clears the opinions for each candidate relative to job requirements.

TriMetrix Multi-Talent to Job Comparison
TriMetrix Gap Analysis sample report
PerformanceDNA Multi-Talent to Job Comparison
PerformanceDNA Gap Analysis sample report


Individualized Coaching Reports

Candidates that are selected and hired can receive an Individualized Report showing your natural strengths and weaknesses. This 20+ page report is about you. It shows your unique individual traits. By the way, you are not crammed into a 8 or 16 "boxes" or forced to use some close but not accurate description of who you are.

No, the assessment we use has the highest rankings available. We will be "blown away" by the accuracy of these reports. Why are they so accurate? Because we believe that each individual is unique, yet, needs to understand what actually makes you tick. How you do things in the world is an important component in understanding how to interact with others - especially in a sales situation.

You will get a kick out your report and will probably want to share it others - particularly spouses or significant others!

Here are three sample Coaching Reports:

  1. Executive / Manager Coaching Report
  2. General Employment Coaching Report
  3. Sales Coaching Report

One additional factor. X or Y generation people love this report, because the norms have incorporated their preferences into the process. In fact, the norms are 2003 and are highly validated. Other similar reports were made for the boomers and often miss the mark with the younger generation. Everyone gets an accurate report of their natural strengths and weaknesses.

Complete Listing of Assessments with Samples

We invite you to go to our website for assessments - You find a complete listing of assessments with both a summary about the purpose intented and an downloadable PDF sample for your review.