Six Steps for Selecting a Winning Team

Step One: Profiling

* More than a Job Description - a Guide to High Performance Standards and Traits.
* Let the Job Talk - Find the exact combination of traits needed for position.
* Eliminate or Minimize Bias in the Job Development
* Create a Real Job Benchmark that gives you the solution to finding high performance.
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Step Two: Sourcing

* Continuous Recruiting Process.
* Develop a Lead Generation system for finding quality talent
* Using the Internet to find top candidates - and
* Set up your own sourcing database of candidates
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Step Three: Previewing

* Eliminate non-qualified candidates.
* Checking the accuracy of the sourcing standards.
* Review the quantity and quality of the selected candidates for the next step.
* Have the hiring individual or team review the process and verify the next steps.
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Step Four: Assessing

* Proven assessment tools to quantify the strengths and weaknesses of candidates.
* Focused program for putting objectivity in a subjective process.
* A paint by the numbers process of comparing candidates to a job benchmark.
* Determining the quality of the candidates including potential or mastered competencies.
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Step Five: Interviewing

* The most critical step in the process.
* Focused questions to uncover the real competency level of a candidate.
* Techniques that help you learn how past performance has impacted the candidate.
* Set up a review and scoring system to compare candidates for the selection process.
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Step Six: Measuring

* Review the measurables of the process and calculate the ROI.
* Check the performance standards of actual hires.
* Check the tangibles and intangibles of performance - add or subtract from benchmark.
* Review the process and the people involved in the process to insure compliance.
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There you have it. A six step process for hiring high performance talent for your organization. Study the process and use it. Why? Because it is a proven process and it gets the results you want and require in this market environment.