Q: Does this Hiring Concept apply to all levels of the Company?

A: Yes, it should apply to all levels of the company. Why? Because it takes all levels of the organization to operate at high levels to insure customer expectations are consistently met. It is all about the process and the more you understand about every job the better you will become at filling the positions - at all levels.

Q: Can you legally use assessments in the hiring process?

A: Yes you can - if you follow the process. The key requirement for the legal part is to have data on the job or position. Once you have a clear job benchmark, then the individual assessments will be compared to the requirements of the job or position. The illegal part is using the assessment to discriminate against a class of people rather than the traits necessary for job success.

Q: I have been told you cannot use DISC assessments for hiring?

A: DISC assessments give valuable information regarding the "how" a person will do things on the job. They also show the natural strengths and weaknesses that are the dominant behaviors a person will use in the job environment. Again, the key is do you have a DISC equivalent for the job or position? When you have this information you can either match a person with similar traits as the position - which translate into a longer term employment OR you can fill a position knowing that this person is not a match to the job. Expectations can be adjusted regarding "how" the mismatched person does the job - focusing on results only. Usually the employee will leave or find any position within the company that matches their behavioral style. We encourage the use of DISC related information for all positions and people.

Q: The Behavioral Questioning organizations say there is no reason for assessments if you know how to question. Is that true?

A: No. While we have respect for these methods and even point out its importance in the hiring process, we believe that a process is just that. A process has several pieces and leads you down a path to the goal or objective - to hire higher quality people. Interviewing is an important part or step in the process as it uncovers past performance and verifies the level of experience and knowledge that a person possesses. At the same time, we know that people are being trained in being interviewed. Therefore, they can look really good during an interview and say all the "right" things - yet, not really be that person. An assessment will give you objective answers for a subjective process. In fact, I use the assessment results to give me additional questions to ask for more clarity in what will I really get if I hire this person. Use a complete process and watch out for a bias or a silver bullet concept.

InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc.

Q: How long has this company been in business?

A: InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc. has been in business since 1988. However, our company was known as Kaizen Performance Group, Inc. until 2004 when we changed the name of the company for branding purposes. InnerActive is the key component of our beliefs and branding philosophy. We believe that ALL change begins in the INNER thoughts and then moves in an ACTIVE mode as people progress.

Q: Have you always been in selection and hiring?

A: Yes. We started by assisting our sales development clients to find high performance sales personnel. Using a battery of assessments to uncover the "How, Why and Can" an individual sale successfully, we assisted our clients in selecting high potential candidates. Our track record indicated our clients felt they were upgrading their sales talent - using the increased sales results and higher retention rates to justify their ROI for the service.