About Us

For more than two decades now, InnerActive Consulting Group has provided consulting and development services that get targeted results in a dynamic and changing business environment. Our core focus is always on the people — developing their skills, abilities, confidence, and performance — because organizations succeed only when the people involved are engaged and focused on getting results.

Having assisted companies of all sizes from coast to coast, we know what works --and what doesn’t work--especially in selecting and hiring of high performers for the company. Through this experience, we have developed proven processes for identifying, selecting and retaining high performers.

We’ve also learned that every company and every situation is different. That’s why we begin with a thorough analysis of your current situation, using some of the best assessment tools available to establish job benchmarks.

Understanding and supporting strategic initiatives, we provide plans for addressing the specific future challenges facing you and your company.

Experience and Application

Your Goals:

* Improve individual and team performance.
* To develop a group of high-performance people with career pathing focus.
* Develop or fine-tune your company's hiring and selection processes.
* Build strong leadership and relationships using high performers in all functional areas.

Our Hiring Solutions:

* Proven assessment tools to quantify the skills & attributes needed for high performance.
* Unique - but proven - programs for addressing your specific performance challenges.
* Techniques that include interactive workshops, coaching and train-the-trainer.
* Tools that provide solutions to your retention, development, coaching, career tracking, and selection processes.

Our Certified High Performance Hiring Team—led by Voss Graham, the "Assessment Guru" —has been helping companies and individuals build their hiring and selection programs since 1990. Other consultants engage us as content experts to assist with their client projects. Experience and content expertise insures client success.

The most important aspect of learning new techniques is not in the actual learning - it's the application of the new knowledge. The application of knowledge is what makes special people - well, special. Success comes from those that use techniques and systems that actually work and have been proven in the field. Ivory tower concepts and theories usually do not bring the success that you want or need.

With over 20 Years of business experience, InnerActive Consulting Group, Inc. has become a major partner with our corporate client. If you want to know more about our firm please go to our website where you can learn about the services we offer, who our clients are, and more about our corporate philosophy. While there use the "Insights Blog" button on left side to go to our business blog. You will find tips, techniques and insight into several functional areas where we assist our clients.